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Motorized X-ray Collimator

Electric X-ray collimator, also known as electric beam limiter and electric beam optic, is an electromechanical optical device installed in front of the output window of the X-ray tube assembly sleeve. Its main function is to control the output line of the X-ray tube. In order to reduce the projection range as much as possible and avoid unnecessary doses under the premise of satisfying X-ray imaging and diagnosis; and can absorb some scattered rays to improve the impact clarity. In addition, it can indicate the projection center and the size of the projection field. Therefore, the beamer is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for X-ray projection and protection.
Electric X-ray collimators are mostly used in fluoroscopic examinations, which are convenient for remote control, and are an essential component for remote control of gastrointestinal beds. The opening and closing of the lead leaf of the electric beam limiter is generally driven by a micro DC motor. The forward rotation, reverse rotation and running time of the DC motor can be properly controlled to adjust the irradiation field to the required size. The adjustment of the irradiation field of the electric beam limiter is not only carried out on the beam limiter, but also controlled on the operating table beside the bed. In addition to continuous adjustment, the latter has various fixed size irradiation field selection buttons. , as long as these buttons are pressed, the motor will drive the lead blade to move to the selected irradiation field and then fix it to meet the specific requirements of photography.
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