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Three circles of the X-ray collimator mean?

X-ray collimator three circles:

1.1 meters: the distance between the focus of the tube and the photosensitive plane of the cassette (for gastrointestinal use)

1.5 meters: minimum chest radiography distance

1.8 meters: the tube is loosened (generally 45°, 35°, less than 60°), and the tube is played outward (such as hitting the chest frame)

For chest radiographs, the minimum is 1.5 meters, which is subject to 1.8 meters.

1.1m——70cm remote control, gastrointestinal, bed movement

Centimeters and inches are marked, corresponding to the size of the film, the effective range of rays.

In the past, we have mostly explained the use of X-ray beam optics, the role of X-ray collimator optics, and the scenes and connections of X-ray collimator optics. In this article, we will focus on explaining some techniques of X-ray collimator optics. Parameter problems, manual rotary button scale:

Focal screen distance: the distance from the focus to the screen or cassette

Focal skin distance: the distance from the focal point to the skin

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