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The role and classification of X-ray collimator

Earlier, we have introduced the use and technical aspects of X-ray beam lighters. Then, do you have any doubts about the classification of X-ray collimator lighters and their functions? Let’s focus on the next article. Learn about the role and classification of X-ray beams.X-ray collimator are not only suitable for medical and industrial fields, but also for civilian use. Generally used in industrial and medical CT is called collimator.

Second, the role and classification:

X-ray collimator optical device, that is, a device that restricts light.


1.According to the structure of the X-ray collimator optical device, it is divided into two types: electric and manual.

1), electric: electric or remote control. The remote control fashion 2 motors are multi-leaf folding type, and the single motor is hanging leaf type. The multi-leaf folding type can adjust the size of the range up and down, left and right, but only into a square or rectangle. The range of the hanging leaf type can be round, like the perspective shot of some animals and insects is round, like a lens.

2). Manual, direct manual control of the closing movement of the leaves, etc. There are 2 left and right spin buttons.

2.It is divided according to the position of the X-ray collimator optical device, and it is divided into near control and remote control.

1) Remote control: the remote control must be electric (with motor)

2), near control: manual or electric

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