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The X-Ray collimator is used for digitizing X-ray systems

With X-Ray collimator, the digitized X-ray system makes photography more flexible, and the customized configuration can fully meet the demand. The single-board multi-functional configuration, single-berth plate configuration and two-plate configuration can be selected to meet all kinds of shooting demands.The plate detector can effectively improve the X-ray utilization rate, improve the image quality and reduce the dose.LED manual X-Ray collimator, fully intelligent light field setting, soft light and low energy consumption.Extra long life free of maintenance.One key switch machine control box to simplify the process of power on and off, and avoid human factors fault. Radio-frequency remote control operation can effectively improve work efficiency and reduce technician labor intensity.

The Newheek 202 X-Ray collimator is usually used in stationary X-ray machines.

Newheek specializes in the production and sales of X-ray machines and spare parts, such as: X-ray collimators, image intensifiers, flat panel detectors and other equipment.If you are interested in this kind of equipment, please contact us!




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