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The high frequency mobile X-ray machine is equipped with X-Ray collimator

X-Ray collimator manually adjusts the aperture size and focus of the portable X-ray machine to ensure the imaging quality.Emergency stop switch configuration, emergency hardware breakpoints.The installation of the motion anti – push system greatly improves the product safety performance.

The intensive care unit (icu) USES a mobile imaging system to take bedside photographs when the critically ill patients are unable to move.Mobile imaging system can be used to push the barrier ward to obtain real-time images when the barrier ward is restricted. X-Ray collimator regulation, imaging quality assurance.Emergency department urgently teaches photograph, reduced to radiology department dependence.The operation room realizes the intraoperative photograph, facilitates the doctor to monitor and judge the operation.Taking a picture beside the bed in the general ward can directly obtain the patient image information in the patient nursing place, more efficient working process, faster patient image acquisition time and easier operation, so as to obtain the highest patient satisfaction.Products to achieve power boost, remote exposure, real-time image transmission and other functions.

Newheek X-Ray collimator is divided into manual, electric and automatic.Different needs can be meet.If you also need such a device, please feel free to contact us.


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