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Customer consultation on hand switch and x ray collimator

Recently, an Egyptian customer consulted the hand brake switch and x ray collimator. We asked him about his needs and told him that our hand brake switch has one hand brake switch, two hand brake switches and three hand brake switches. He sent pictures of his existing hand brake switch. It is known that he used two hand brake switches with 4 cores and 3 meters, and our production. The L01 handbrake switch is similar, but our quality is better than his. For x ray collimator, we introduced our x ray collimator to him. There are three types of x ray collimator: NK202 for fixed X-ray machine, NK102 for fixed X-ray machine and mobile X-ray machine, NK103 for portable X-ray machine. He asked for the NK102 catalogue, which weighed 5.5Kg. He was looking for a 1.5kg or 2kg limiter and sent us pictures of his X-ray machine. This is a portable X-ray machine. We sent him the catalogue of the NK103 x ray collimator. He was satisfied that it was what he needed. The weight of NK103 was 2.6kg.
We are very glad to help this customer.
Customer consultation on hand switch and x ray collimator


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