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The role of the x ray collimator shell

The outer shell of the X ray collimator also has a certain function of absorbing scattered rays, usually with a thin lead plate attached to the inner wall of the outer casing. The x-ray collimator also features a filter plate replacement track that filters out soft rays. The structure has an upper plug type and a lower port insert type. There is also an upper dial changeable type, in which several commonly used filter plates are mounted on a disc, and which one is used, it is turned to the bottom of the window.

Collimation radiology for digital X ray systems Collimated beam application

The x-ray collimator is constructed with a flange attached to the X ray tube, a connecting hole, and an x-ray collimator mounting flange and platen. In order to achieve the best limiting effect of a particular x-ray collimator, the focus must be mounted at the required distance. This distance data is given by various x-ray collimators. As shown, he gives the required distance from the X ray tube focus to the flange link face. If this requirement is not met, it can be satisfied by a gasket.


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