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Halogen or LED light on the X-ray collimator

The X-ray generating device is mainly composed of a high voltage generator, a bulb and a columnator. The columator is usually placed under the bulb, and the X-rays emitted by the bulb are irradiated onto the object to be inspected by the beam limiter. The role of the columator is to limit the range of X-rays emitted from the tube. The columator generally includes a housing, a positioning lamp, a reflective lens, and an opening stop structure, and the positioning lamp, the reflecting lens, and the opening limiting structure are mounted in the housing.
Rectangular collimation can reduce radiation Beam collimation simulates X ray positioning
The opening limit structure is used to control the size of the columnar opening to determine the range of X-ray illumination. The function of the positioning lamp is to simulate the X-ray source of the bulb and its position. After the positioning lamp is energized, the emitted visible light is reflected by the reflecting lens, and is emitted from the columnar opening and irradiated to the object to be inspected (ie, the part where the patient is inspected). The position of the irradiation corresponds to the position where the X-ray is irradiated onto the object to be inspected, thereby realizing the positioning of the X-ray irradiation region. In the existing columnator, the positioning lamp adopts a halogen lamp, and the halogen lamp consumes a large amount of power (its power generally exceeds 50 W, and most of them adopt 150 W), and the heat is large, and the long-term work may cause the columnor case to be too hot or even cause some devices.


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