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Collimator for perspective machines

Collimator can be applied to X-ray machine for continuous fluoroscopy diagnosis of human esophagus, chest, gastrointestinal, abdomen, limbs and other parts.
X ray collimator can simulate x beam positioning, high quality combined high frequency and high voltage x ray generator, no high voltage cable design, low loss, good ray quality, clear image with pulse perspective.Manual collimator can be used to rotate lead iris beam limiter for multi-angle and multi-direction anatomical display.
Collimator for perspective machines
In addition, also has the electric fluctuation, the electric lateral movement, the electric rotation function, truly realizes the motorized person not to move the way, USES safely reliably. Collimator’s controls can be digitized to enhance control accuracy, enable remote operation, simplify doctor’s work and increase productivity.
Newheek collimator is divided into electric, manual and automatic.Suitable for different X-ray machines.
Customers can choose collimator according to their own needs.


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