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The main role of x ray scattering limited device

As an important part of x ray scattering limited device, the x ray collimator is mainly used to define the radiation range of the x beam, so as to reduce the radiation to patients and realize the multi-slice function of X-ray film with the point film system. Its performance is of great significance to improve the automation level of X-ray machine, realize the digital control of the whole machine and reduce the radiation injury to patients.
x ray scattering limited device
Medical x ray scattering limited device adopts timely sequence control method, which includes baseplate, mask, drive mechanism, limit mechanism and PCB component. The window of x ray object limited device can be set the window scope by manually adjusting the knob outside the whole machine. The sheet in the window is made of lead blade.
Newheek manual x ray scattering limited device is mainly divided into three types: NK102,NK103 and NK202. Among them, NK103 is a special x ray scattering limited device. The built-in halogen lamp or LED lamp can be chosen arbitrarily.


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