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collimation in radiology for portable X optical machine

There are many types of collimation in radiology, from the spherical tube suitable for use, there are 125 KV and 150 KV spherical tube for the two types of x ray collimator, from the X-ray machine suitable for use, divided into portable X-ray machine or mobile X-ray machine or fixed X-ray machine collimation in radiology.
Portable X-ray machine is a portable X-ray machine, the advantages of portable X-ray machine is small, light, can be moved by people at will and carry, suitable for a variety of environmental scenes, not limited to one place, make up for the shortcomings of mobile X-ray machine and fixed X-ray machine.
The portable characteristic also requires that the collimation in radiology used in portable X ray machine is small in size and small in weight.
Newheek’s NK103 collimation in radiology, which is 158x138x83 in volume and 2.6Kg in weight, can meet the needs of portable X-ray machines.
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