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Application of collimator for sale to X-ray machines

Collimator for sale, including upper blade, nose, support seat, shade seat mechanism, X-axis beam limiting mechanism, Y-axis beam limiting mechanism, reflector, light box, left cover, right cover and drive mechanism. x ray collimator has reliable performance and good ray shielding. Full functions, ball tube connection part can be rotated and locked quickly, with built-in filter switch device, unique blade drive mode, modular structure design, easy to assemble and guarantee product performance.
collimator for sale
Collimator for sale is typically mounted under a ball tube, which emits x-rays that are projected onto the subject through the openings of the blades inside the collimator for sale.The opening size of the blade of collimator for sale, that is, the opening size of the blade, determines the projection range of the X-ray emitted, while the excess ray emitted by the bulb beyond the opening range of the blade will be absorbed and blocked by the blade, but cannot be emitted.
Collimator for sale blade drive device has gear lever drive device, wire rope swing rod drive device and lead screw plus linear guide rail drive device.
Newheek collimator for sale is divided into manual, electric and automatic types. Can meet the different needs of customers.


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