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How to maintain the collimator?

Collimator is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for X-ray projection and protection. The following points should be noted in daily use and maintenance:

a) The collimator should be kept clean and dry, and the transmission parts and components must not be dusty.

b) The opening of the lead blade of the diaphragm should be adjusted properly. Do not open it too large or close it too tightly, or adjust it too hard, so as not to damage the mechanical parts inside the collimator.

c) After using for a period of time, you should check whether the lead leaf of the diaphragm is loose and fasten it (check it every three months to half a year). The internal mechanical parts can be added with a little thin lubricating oil.

d) In the event of a malfunction, a professional or promptly contact the after-sales service department for repair.

e) When replacing the collimator lamp, replace the rear cover and replace with a new bulb.

f) After the bulb replacement, the collimator should be debugged once.

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