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Features of the manual collimator NK103

The features of the manual collimator NK103 are as follows:

Used for portable X-ray machines, pet X-ray machines, mainly matching the highest tube voltage

125 KV X-ray tube for use.

Maximum voltage of X-ray tube: 125 KV

Maximum irradiation field: 440 x 440 mm ² (SID = 100 cm)

Lead leaf control mode: manual

Overall dimensions (length × wide × Height) mm: 180 × one hundred and fifty-five × one hundred

Working power supply: 12 V AC, 100 W (minimum safety voltage)

Weight (excluding cables): 2.6 kg

SID measuring tape: standard configuration If you are interested in collimators, welcome to contact us at (whatsapp):+8617616362242!Electric collimator

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