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Structural requirements for collimateur

Reflectors and lead blades in the collimateur are important components of the structure of the collimateur. To check whether the quality of the collimateur meets the standards depends on the configuration of the reflectors and lead blades.
The specific requirements are:
1. The surface of the lens in the collimateur should be smooth and tidy so as to ensure high reflective efficiency of the lens and good quality of the collimateur.
Reflector function: Reflector is a very thin lens in the collimateur, usually made of plastic, vacuum coating on the surface of the lens, the role of the lens, reflecting X-ray.
2. When the collimateur is closed, the lead blade of the collimateur can be tightly closed. If the lead blade of the collimateur can not be tightly closed, it is easy to cause X-ray leakage.
The function of lead leaf: the lead leaf in the collimateur can shield and shield the X-ray, prevent the X-ray from radiating outward, and control the X-ray irradiation field.


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