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Collimating film for digital X-ray machines

Collimating film is used to limit x-rays and can be used on a variety of X-ray machines. Digital X-ray machine is compact and beautiful in appearance, touch operation panel, flexible in movement and convenient in operation. It adopts high frequency inverter technology, with good ray quality, low skin dose, stable and reliable, and good image clarity and contrast.
Moreover, it adopts the symmetrical adjustable collimating film, the size of the film range can be adjusted freely, the light source positioning, ruler ranging, and the film positioning is convenient and accurate.With a light source of symmetrical adjustable collimating film, the film location is convenient, accurate and safe. Make the whole machine film flexible and convenient.
Collimating film is mainly installed in the X-ray tube sleeve window, which is used to cover the unnecessary original X-ray in the X-ray inspection. It can limit the X-ray exposure to the minimum needed to minimize the amount of radiation a patient receives.
Collimating film
One of the main functions of collimating film is to limit the radiation field so that patients and operators can receive as little dose as possible.Secondly, reduce the area of secondary rays and improve the clarity of perspective and radiography. As much as possible to block leakage rays.
Newheek collimating film is divided into manual type, electric type and automatic type. Can meet your different needs.


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