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Collimator of spectrometer is used for gastrointestinal machines

Collimator of spectrometer is for limiting X rays and applied to gastroenterology machine, which is used for gastroenterology fluoroscopy, photography, digestive tract examination, chest photography, cholangiography, etc. Digital gastrointestinal machine is a digital multifunctional X-ray radiography system. Equipped with x ray collimator, high frequency X-ray generator and 17- inch flat panel detector, it has the advantages of fast imaging speed and clear image. The gastrointestinal machine covers a small area, with simple operation, wide application range, large power of the main machine, high inverter frequency, collimator of spectrometer, etc. Excellent configuration of the whole system extends a wide range of clinical use. Equipped with medical high-definition line-by-line input and output television system, low noise, clarity and high contrast.
collimator of spectrometer
Electric multi-blade collimator of spectrometer, according to the diagnosis needs to adjust the X-ray exposure range, greatly reducing the harm of X-ray to patients and the environment. The automatic brightness control system, while obtaining the best images of various body types and positions, protects patients and medical staff from unnecessary radiation hazards to the maximum extent.
Newheek collimator of spectrometer can meet the needs of different customers, divided into three types: automatic, manual and electric.
The Newheek collimator of spectrometer can also provide servicing and testing services.


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