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Our Newheek 102 is the most popular X-ray collimator

The X-ray collimator is also called a beamer, which is an optical element used for input and output of optical fiber communication optical devices. Its structure is very simple-the divergent light from the optical fiber becomes parallel light (Gaussian beam). The function of the X-ray collimator is to couple the light into the required device with maximum efficiency or to accept the optical signal with maximum efficiency.
This X-ray collimator is mainly used for mobile X-ray machines, fixed X-ray machines, and is mainly used with 125 KV X-ray tubes.
Main technical parameters of X-ray collimator:
Maximum voltage of X-ray tube of X-ray collimator: 125 KV
The maximum irradiation field of the X-ray collimator: 440 x 440 mm² (SID = 1000 mm)
Bulb: 24 V / 100 W
Single lighting time of the bulb: 30 s
Lead leaf (optional): 1 layer
Lead leaf control mode of X-ray collimator: manual
Input power of X-ray collimator: 24 V AC
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