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X-ray collimator for digital X-ray system

The X-ray collimator and digital X-ray system make photography more flexible, and the customized configuration fully meets the needs. Single board multi-function configuration, single bed board configuration and two board configuration are optional to meet various shooting needs. Flat-panel detectors can effectively increase the utilization of X-rays, improve image quality, and reduce dose. LED manual X-ray collimator, full intelligent light field setting, soft light, low energy consumption. Long life and maintenance-free. The one-key switch control box simplifies the switch process and avoids human factors. The radio frequency remote control operation effectively improves the work efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of the technicians. The X-ray collimator and the digital X-ray system are a good match.
Newheek’s X-ray collimators are usually used in fixed X-ray machines, portable X-ray machines, mobile X-ray machines, and veterinary X-ray machines. If you need X-ray collimators, please leave a message.

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