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Newheek X ray collimator for x ray machine

Let’s explain the X ray collimator to everyone’s system today. The collimator in x ray machine is an accessory part for X-ray inspection equipment. Its main purpose is to position it during positioning, simulate the X-ray radiation area, reduce the patient’s radiation dose and enhance the image quality. Newheek is specialized in producing collimator in x. The manufacturer of ray machine has three kinds of manual NK102, NK103 and NK202.
Adjustment of electronic collimation

Application of collimation in radiology

Manual X ray collimator sorting

Manual collimator in x ray machine directly manually open and close the collimator in x ray machine. There are two types of operation: knob type and pull rod type. The adjustment knob or the adjustment lever is provided with a corresponding position illumination field size indicator scale. In this way, the required field size at a predetermined distance can be roughly adjusted before the illumination field indicator lights up. Correct use can shorten the lighting time.
In addition, the electric collimator in x ray machine for perspective needs to adjust the size of the illumination field at any time without illuminating the field indication and light indication. However, the fluoroscopy inspection table that is also used for photography is equipped with an electric electric beam limiter, and an illumination field indicating and light indicating system should be provided.
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