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Application of collimation in radiology

Collimation in radiology can be matched with X-ray tube assemblies with tube voltage not greater than 150kV for adjustment and qualification of X-ray radiation field.
X ray collimator is a multi-leaf structure with a near lead door, which can effectively reduce the effect of radiation leakage and external radiation, and reduce the harmful radiation to patients and operators.
Application of collimation in radiology
Newheek collimation in radiology is divided into manual type and electric type. Collimation in radiology with automatic function, equipped with lead door position sensor, together with the control circuit on the supporting bed table, film size sensor, focus position sensor, etc., can realize remote control operation, automatic setting of radiation field and distance compensation and other automatic functions according to film size. Collimation in radiology is also equipped with manual knob and optical-field device, which can be operated manually at the near table.
Newheek collimation in radiology is suitable for different X-ray machines, such as gastrointestinal diagnostic beds and other photographic devices.
Our collimation in radiology can meet your different purchasing needs.


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