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How to use different types of X-ray Collimator?

Figure 1.1  X Ray Collimator NK102

X-ray Collimator is mainly used for the radiography, fluoroscopy of blood vessels, cardiovascular.

An X-Ray Collimator is a device placed close to the X-Ray Source to restrict the span of the X-Ray beam
The collimator and X-Ray Tube combination project a test target at a particular subtended angle depending on the focal length of the collimator.

Newheek mainly produce 3 types X-ray collimator includes: NK102, NK103 and NK202.


Figure 1.2 X Ray Collimator NK103                                                        Figure 1.3 X Ray Collimator NK202

NK102 is suitable for 125kV X-ray tube and portable X-ray machine;
NK103 is suitable for 125kV X-ray tube and mobile X-ray machine and fixed X-Ray machine;
NK202 is suitable for 150kV X-ray tube and fixed X-ray machine.
NK102, NK103 and NK202 all belong to manual collimator.

Optimum X-ray beam collimation is a must to reduce radiation exposure and obtain the best image.

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