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An inquiry from Libya about the Collimator

Newheek has 3models X-Ray Collimator: NK102, NK103 and NK202.

Today, I have an inquiry on Alibaba about the X-Ray Collimator from Libya. He said he is interested in our Collimator and want to know more information about our product. But I don’t get more specific requirements, so I sent the catalog to him.

Different Collimators are available in different models depending on the customer’s needs and the different types of tubes or X-ray machines.

Now let me introduce the collimator works:
Beam collimators are ‘beam direction’ devices used in the x-ray tube housing, along with an arrangement of mirrors and lights, in such a way that the light and x-ray fields match each other. They are made of lead shutters which completely absorb the photons, and thus reduce the patient dose as well as focus the radiation accordingly to the area of interest, and the Collimator allows for use in different scenarios.


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