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Mr. E for X-Ray Collimator inquiry on Alibaba


X-Ray Collimator is a device that limits the radiation output of an X-ray source. Without a collimator, X-rays would escape which would flood the detector with radiation and prevent a clear image from being attained.

Newheek manufacture X-Ray Collimator with 2 types: manual and electronic, includes 3 models NK102, NK103 and NK202.

About 3days ago, my friends Mr. E send 1 inquiry on Alibaba international station about the X-ray Collimator suitable for 150 X-Ray Tube. We introduced our NK202 X-Ray Collimator is suitable for 150kV X-Ray Tube. And the NK102, NK103 are suitable for 125kV X-Ray Tube.

Then Newheek X-Ray Collimator has a moderate price advantage, as well as quality and good after-sales service.

If you are interested in Newheek X-Ray Collimator, please contact us.


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