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How to make x ray collimator?

How do I make x ray collimator myself? First of all, to understand the production principle of beam collimation, to tell you the simplest beam collimation.

With the development of X ray machines, beam collimation is also evolving from simple to complex, with functions ranging from single to multi-purpose.
I will introduce you to the simple beam collimation today.

Analysis of the overall structure of the manual x ray collimator
The simple beam collimation is available in both occlusion and occlusion. The occlusion type is a lead plate with a certain size or a circular hole in the X-tube window. The opening of the lead plate is centered on the Xray center. When the projection is performed, an irradiation field suitable for the size of the hole can be obtained at a certain distance. Generally, an X ray machine is equipped with a plurality of occlusion panels of different apertures, and the size of the illumination field of the corresponding distance is indicated above for selection.
What are the precautions when using the manual x ray collimator
The shape of the beam collimation is a conical metal tube, and some are lined with thin lead to increase the protective effect. When it is projected, it mainly relies on the barrier absorption of the Xray by the wall to limit the irradiation field. Therefore, the size of the illumination field can be determined by the length and diameter of the occlusion tube, and the illumination field is generally circular.

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