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Inquiry of X-ray collimator from Thailand

Luis from Thailand wants to buy our x ray collimator NK202 and NK103. But the customer did not specify the specific quantity, so we can’t quote the customer just by model.

What are the characteristics of a manual x ray collimator that can be used for double columns

Here, I suggest that when you ask the price to the customer, you should write your company information, contact information and the type and quantity of the product. Finally, you need to specify the shipping address so that we can calculate the shipping cost.
Introduction to the overall structure of the manual x ray collimator
Simply introduce everyone to Newheek x ray collimator NK202.
Main technical parameters
The suitable x ray tube max voltage: 150 kV
Max irradiation field: SID (FFD) = 1000mm hours, no less than 430 mm x 430 mm
Min irradiation field: 0x0 mm
Inherent filter: 1 mm·Al/75kVp
Additional filter: 1 mm·Al and 2 mm·Al
Lead leaf control mode: manual
Working power: 24V AC/DC, 150 W (The lowest safe voltage)


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