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How to adjust the X ray collimator ?

When the X ray collimator is shipped from the factory, the lead door and the light have been adjusted to the standard position, but due to the accumulated error of assembly with the X-ray tube assembly, spot and other components and the vibration during transportation may cause the image to shift, so it needs to be done Joint debugging of the whole machine.
1. Adjust the position of the X ray collimator connector and the blue plate of the X-ray tube window
Loosen the 4 screws on the X ray collimator connector (be careful to hold the beam limiter, do not drop it), you can move the beam limiter back and forth, left and right according to the deviation direction of the light field and the X-ray radiation field, and then take the film (or Use a fluorescent screen in the dark room to actually measure and adjust the difference between the two.
2. If you need to adjust the position of the light source, you can open the lampshade (unscrew the two screws on the upper and lower of the lampshade, the lampshade can be removed) At this time, you can see the vertical and horizontal adjustment plates that adjust the position of the lamp The position of the light bulb can be adjusted with two screws, and the position of the light beam can be adjusted by adjusting the position of the light bar.
If you need to replace the light source lamp, open the lamp cover, you can see the protective shell of the bulb, remove the two fixed screws, loosen the two Phillips screws that fix the bulb to replace the bulb.
3. If you still cannot adjust to the correct position by the above method, you need to open the case and adjust the position of the mirror (loosen the screw on the frame).


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