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How do you know the quality of the collimating?

The reflector and the lead leaf of the collimating are very important parts. The quality of the collimating should be checked by the reflector and the lead leaf.
Reflector is a very thin lens in the collimating, usually made of plastic, vacuum coating on the surface of the lens, the role of the lens, reflecting X-ray. This requires the lens in the collimating to have a smooth surface, can not have fingerprints and other dirt, in order to ensure that the lens reflectance efficiency, beam limiter quality is good.
The lead leaf in the collimating can shield the X-ray, prevent the X-ray from radiating outward, and control the X-ray exposure field. This requires that when the collimating is closed, the lead blade of the collimatingcan be closed, and the lead blade of the collimating can not be closed, which is easy to cause X-ray leakage.



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