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Ralco collimator how it works

Ralco collimator is an accessory part of X-ray inspection equipment, mainly used for positioning and use when positioning, simulating the radiation area of X-ray, which can reduce the radiation dose of patients and enhance the image quality. Ralco collimator is generally divided into manual, electric and automatic beam limiters.
Ralco collimator by providing a device that limits the size of the X-ray field. A device used to limit the size and shape of X-ray beams. Ralco collimator is an essential component in medical X-ray diagnostic equipment. Ralco collimator is installed below the X-ray emission window of X-ray tube ball and connected with X-ray tube. According to the diagnostic needs, the radiation range of X-ray can be limited within a certain range and the radiation of X-ray to the human body can be reduced as much as possible.
To achieve this function, ralco collimator adopts a certain thickness of lead plates to make the lead leaf shielding X-ray, and makes the lead leaf groups move respectively through manual or motor drive to change the X-ray radiation range.
Newheek ralco collimator can provide services such as testing and maintenance.
Ralco collimator