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Introduction of light source structure of colluminator

The light illumination field indicator should be installed in the colluminator according to the required distance from the focus to the installation plane, and the illumination area indicated by the light illumination field indicator can be accurate.
There is a button switch on the colluminator to control the indicator light. Now most of the colluminator use the self-closing lamp device. When they reach the predetermined time, they will turn off the light automatically. In this way, the operation process can be shortened, and the lamp life can be prolonged. There are two kinds of automatic lamp stop devices: mechanical and electronic.
Mechanical automatic closing device is divided into two types: knob type and button type. According to the degree of knob rotation or key press down, the duration of the lamp is determined. Under normal circumstances, the lamp can last up to one minute. When the electronic automatic lamp-closing device uses the electronic timer, the time limit is adjusted, the button starts and the lamp is automatically turned off at the predetermined time.
Some colluminator indicators have two levels of brightness, and the higher brightness is used when the environment is brighter. The lamp used for the indicator is mostly 100W, low voltage power supply, and the LED lamp is used.


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