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Fully automatic x ray machine

According to the working principle of x ray collimator, it can be classified into manual indicator lamps, electric indicator lamps and fully automatic indicator lamps.

Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the fully automatic indicator lamps. Do you know fully automatic indicator lamps? There is little difference in the structure between the fully automatic indicator lamps and the electric indicator lamps. The difference is that the automatic indicator lamps have a condition monitoring device with lead leaves inside. Functionally with the adaptation of the focal length, the fully automatic indicator lamps have the ability to automatically report the size of their field, mostly for perspective.

ralco collimator
In fluoroscopy, in order to prevent the patient from receiving unnecessary radiation, to prevent excessive X-rays from shining outside the screen, or to affect the enhancer, the indicator lamps are limited on the circuit, so that the indicator lamps are illuminated at the maximum opening. In the position, the illumination field matches the diameter of the input screen of the influence enhancer, and with the adaptation of the focal length, the size of the illumination field can be tracked and controlled, so that the focal length of the illumination screen does not change beyond the edge of the input screen.

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I believe that I have told you all about this. Everyone has an understanding of the fully automatic indicator lamps.
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