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Collimator radiography for gastrointestinal machine

Collimator radiography is installed below the X-ray tube and x ray collimator is used to restrict the X-ray beam.Can be configured in the gastrointestinal machine, gastrointestinal machine is used for gastrointestinal fluoroscopy/photography, gastrointestinal examination and so on.Gastrointestinal machine covers a small area, simple operation, wide range of adaptation. Collocate collimator radiography to make images clear, etc.
In addition, medical hd input and output TV system, low noise, definition and high contrast.
Collimator radiography for gastrointestinal machine
Electric multileaf collimator radiography can adjust the X-ray exposure range according to the diagnostic needs and greatly reduce the harm of X-ray to patients and the environment. Automatic brightness control system, in a variety of body types and parts of the best image at the same time, to maximize the protection of patients and medical staff from unnecessary radiation hazards.
Newheek collimator radiography can meet the needs of different customers, divided into manual and electric.
Newheek collimator radiography also provides maintenance and testing services.


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