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Does the x-ray collimator have a 150kv x-ray tube?

X-ray collimator is an important part of X-ray machine. The main purpose of the X-ray collimator is to block the scattering of X-rays, reduce the damage of X-rays to the patient, and improve the imaging quality.
Newheek has an x-ray tube collimator for a 150kv x-ray tube, and a 150kv x-ray tube collimator is suitable for fixed X-ray machines.
150kv x-ray tube X-ray tube collimator is a large-scale X-ray collimator. The collimator is large in size and weight, and its performance is higher than other X-ray collimators. The 150kv X-ray tube collimator is mainly used for fixed X-ray machines and is not suitable for moving and carrying.
Newheek’s 150kv x-ray tube collimator is NK202, WLH mm is 185x198x145, and its weight is 6.8kg (without cables).
This NK202 150kv x-ray tube X-ray collimator is manual. The guide vanes of the X-ray collimator can be completely enclosed. The lens in the beam limiter is neat and smooth. Fully meet the standards of high-quality X-ray collimators.

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