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Do you know how to use led collimator?

The size of the opening of the led collimator’s blade, namely the size of the opening of the blade, determines the projection range of the outgoing x-rays, while the excess rays emitted by the bulb beyond the scope of the opening of the blade will be absorbed and blocked by the blade.
X-ray collimator is needed to screen excess x-rays from the body.The device used to control the size of the blade opening of the beam limiter is usually called the blade drive device.At present led collimator vane drive device has gear swing rod drive device, wire rope swing rod drive device and screw and linear guide rail drive device.
Do you know how to use led collimator
Led collimator substrate knob rotation through the wire rope into linear motion, after a set of guide roller to the drive wheels make its rotation, and driven in fixed on the driving wheel of swinging rod, thereby giving impetus to the vane motion of fixed on the swinging rod, make blade fully open or fully closed, also can stay in the middle of the need to any point of view.
Our manual led collimator can adjust the size of window by manual knob.
Our led collimator can meet your different needs.


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