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Collimate mirror reflection

Collimate is a device installed in the medical X-ray machine at the X-ray tubeX ray outlet, which is used to block the X-ray scattering line, reduce the harm of X-ray to patients, improve the imaging quality, and limit the X-ray field of view to the required range.
Protect non-inspection areas during fluoroscopy and photographic examination.In both cases, the size, shape, and mass of the X-ray field are regulated by beam limiter control.
X-ray collimator works because x-rays are not visible light and can’t be directly applied to a patient’s area of exposure.So use visible light instead of x-rays to determine the field of view.
Collimate mirror reflection
According to the principle of specular reflection, the mirror is placed on the angular bisector of the simulated light source and the focus.In this way, the irradiation field formed by the visible light irradiated by the simulated light source after reflection by the reflector is the irradiation field emitted by the focus X-ray.
Newheek collimate is available in a variety of models for different types of X-ray machines.
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