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The shortage of the traditional rectangular collimation

Rectangular collimation control system, which can remote operation, simple operation, high control precision.
In addition, traditional X-ray collimator has many of these disadvantages:
(I) the condition of the tested site cannot be monitored in real time.To reduce the radiation dose the doctor, the doctor gave the patient after set the position, to return to the control room to exposure, because some position is not suitable for long time, if the position of the patient, the doctor can’t visually see directly, then there will be a false image of images taken by shadow or not in the best shooting positions, leading to the doctor to have difficulty on the judgment of the lesions;
The shortage of the traditional rectangular collimation
(2) manual rotation adjustment FOV inch, large mechanical error.Doctor beside the sickbed manually adjust the FOV, sometimes with カ uneven size, rotating mechanical error increases;
(3) remote control USES a control handle, which cannot directly observe the size of FOV, causing unnecessary radiation to the examinant, reducing the working efficiency of doctors and extending the cost recovery period of the machine.
Newheek rectangular collimation control to digital, improves the control precision, can carry out remote operation and can simplify the doctor’s work, improve work efficiency;And the circuit volume is small, to achieve the purpose of saving.


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