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What is the function of collimator in radiology

The X-ray collimator we generally refer to usually refers to a beam device or a beam limiter, which is an important component of an X-ray machine.
Its main purpose is for positioning during positioning, simulating the radiation area of X-rays, which can reduce the radiation dose of patients and enhance the image quality.
Friends who have watched our promotional video will definitely notice a detail. Take the X-ray machine in the following picture as an example. Before shooting, we will turn on a small button at the bottom right of the beamer. This button is to control the LED light in the beamer or When the halogen lamp is switched on, the range of light irradiation after turning on the light is the radiation area of X-rays, and patients should be photographed and diagnosed in the light area. There are also crosshairs marking the alignment center for easier preparation.
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