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Correct use of beam limiters

The beam limiter wall has the function of scattering electrons, which can improve the uniformity,
When using, the normalized part of the bottom of the beam limiter needs to be in direct contact with the patient’s skin, otherwise
The uniformity varies significantly with the distance from the end face of the beam limiter. although
However, the risk of the patient being squeezed has been considered in the design, and most
Retracting the buffer spring, it still takes time for the treatment table that is driven by a motor to move up and down
Be careful, the lower end of the electronic beam limiter is equipped with an anti-extrusion protection device.
1. In case of accidental over-compression, the protection switch will cut off the movement of the machine
The power supply simultaneously terminates the irradiation.Pay attention to its correctness in the process of using the beam limiter


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