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Advantages of applying light beams

The beamer forms the X-ray field required for surgery by constraining the X-ray emitted from the tube, but the X-ray is harmful to the human body, and a light reflection projection device is required to simulate the X-ray field with the visible light field. Therefore, in order to accurately mark the range of X-rays, the light field must have a certain intensity, high contrast at the edge of the light field, and high consistency with the X-ray field.
The current common practice is that, in order to keep the temperature of the light source not exceeding the limit operating temperature, a cooling device must be added, which generally consists of a heat sink with a large volume and a complex shape and a fan with increased heat dissipation capability. At the same time, the edge of the visible light field cannot coincide with the edge of the X-ray field, and the cluttered visible light easily contaminates the light field, resulting in blurred edges of the light field and low contrast at the edge of the light field, so that the visible light field cannot accurately simulate the X-ray field.
Therefore, only with the existence of the beam light device can there be a clearer image.

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