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What does a collimator do in X RAY?

Collimators play an important role in the field of medical imaging. It is a device used to position and control the extent of X-ray exposure. Typically, a collimator consists of an opening made of lead that sits in front of the exit port of the x-ray machine. Through the opening of the collimator, the radiation range and direction of X-rays can be controlled, thereby helping doctors or technicians to accurately locate the area to be inspected.
The main role of the collimator is to limit the radiation range of X-rays, reduce radiation exposure of unrelated areas, and improve image quality. This ensures that doctors get clear, accurate images when diagnosing a patient’s condition. By accurately locating the area of examination, doctors can more easily diagnose conditions and formulate appropriate treatment plans.
In addition, collimators help reduce radiation dose to patients. By accurately controlling the exposure range of X-rays, it is possible to avoid radiation exposure to unnecessary parts of the body, thereby reducing the radiation dose received by patients. This is very important for the health and safety of patients.
To sum up, the collimator is an important device in medical imaging. By positioning and controlling the radiation range of X-rays, it can help doctors accurately diagnose patients’ conditions and improve the effect of examinations. At the same time, the collimator can also reduce the radiation dose of patients and protect their health and safety. It is an indispensable technology that plays an important role in the medical field.
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