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Advantages of X-ray collimator

The colluminator is one of the indispensable accessories in the X-ray machine system. The colluminator mainly restrains the rays emitted by the tube when the X-ray machine is working, and constrains the scattered rays within a certain range, which is convenient for better use and observation. It also prevents the radiologist from receiving large amounts of radiation for long periods of time.

The role of x ray collimator
X-rays are emitted from the X ray tube inspection point and radiated to the surroundings. The X-rays used in the inspection are only one bundle in one direction and are ejected from the sleeve window. This X-ray takes into account the maximum range required for actual use, and can not be over-restricted by the window, but is controlled by adding a colluminator to the window.
The colluminator is a lead plate that uses an adjustable gap to cover the unnecessary original emission line emitted from the window, thereby controlling the size of the beam and adapting the actual X-ray irradiation field.
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