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Define collimated component

As an important part of the X-ray machine, define collimated is mainly used to limit the radiation range of the X-ray beam to reduce the radiation to patients, and the multi-slice function of X-ray film is realized by the matching point film system.
Its performance is of great significance for improving the automation level of X-ray machine, realizing the digital control of the whole machine and reducing the radiation injury to patients.
Define collimated component
One of the medical X-ray collimator shading mechanism and timing sequence control method, including baseplate, shader, transmission mechanism, limit mechanism and printed board components.
The define collimated window can set the window scope through the manual adjustment knob outside the whole machine. The pages in the window are made of lead leaves. The thicker the lead leaves are, the stronger the blocking effect of X-ray ray is.
Newheek manual define collimated is mainly divided into three types: NK102,NK103 and NK202.


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