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Collimating device for small X-ray machines

Collimating device is installed in small X-ray machines. Small X-ray machines are photographic medical diagnostic equipment, which can be used in ward, emergency room, operating room, ICU, etc. for mobile diagnostic equipment to photograph the head, limbs, thorax, waist abdomen and other parts of the human body. Collimating device is used to limit X-ray and make imaging more stable.
Using high frequency inverter technology, good ray quality, low skin dose, stable and reliable, image clarity and contrast. High quality combination X – ray generator, greatly reduce radiation, more safe for environmental protection and operators. Adopting the symmetrical adjustable manual collimating device, the size of the film range can be adjusted freely, the light source localization, the ruler ranging, the film localization is convenient and accurate. Ensure dosage accuracy and high repeatability.
Newheek collimating device is divided into manual type, electric type and automatic type. Customers can choose the appropriate collimating device according to their own needs. We will also provide the service of quality detection and maintenance of collimating device.
Collimating device


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