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Collimating for digital gastrointestinal machines

Collimating is a limited x-beam for gastrointestinal machines, which are used for gastrointestinal fluoroscopy/photography, alimentary tract examination, chest photography, cholangiography, etc.The gastrointestinal machine has small area, simple operation, wide application range, high power of the main engine, high inverter frequency, collimating and so on. Excellent configuration of the whole system extends a wide range of clinical use.Equipped with medical high-definition line-by-line input and output television system, low noise, clarity and high contrast.
Electric multilobular collimating, which adjusts the X-ray exposure range according to diagnostic needs, greatly reduces the harm of x-rays to patients and the environment. The automatic brightness control system provides maximum protection for patients and medical staff from unnecessary radiation hazards while obtaining the best images of various body types and parts.
Newheek collimating can meet the needs of different customers, divided into three types: automatic, manual and electric.
Newheek collimating can also provide maintenance and detection services.


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