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Collimator X-ray for bedside X-ray machine

Collimator X-ray is used to limit the x light source and is suitable for bedside X-ray machine, which is a mobile X-ray radiography medical diagnostic equipment. It meets the requirements of X-ray photography for the head, chest, limbs and other parts of the human body in the ward, operating room, emergency room and other occasions of all medical units. And it can be used not only for human x-rays, but also for pet or wild animal x-rays. The structure adopts ergonomic design, the appearance is beautiful and compact, and the operation is convenient.
With a light source, the hand-tuned and symmetrical collimator X-ray can adjust the size of the ray beam freely according to the need. Meanwhile, collimator X-ray USES high illumination simulation to locate the light, which is more accurate in scale ranging, and more convenient in photogramming.The patient can be photographed at any Angle, which is more convenient to use and has a wider range of applications. Innovative design of large main wheel and front wheel universal wheel, mobile and flexible.
Newheek collimator X-ray is divided into manual, electric and automatic. A manual collimator X-ray adjusts the window size with a manual knob. A halogen or LED light is built in to simulate the positioning of the X beam.
Newheek collimator x ray can meet the needs of different customers.
Collimator X ray


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