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Application with manual X-ray collimator

Manual X-ray collimator is a medical X-ray machine that can be mounted at the exit of X-ray tube (sleeve window) to block X-ray scattering lines, reduce X-ray damage to patients, improve imaging quality and limit X-ray field of view to the required range.Also known as X-ray collimator, is an essential part of X-ray diagnostic machines.
Application with manual X ray collimator
Manual x ray collimator can be applied to any of the following situations:
(1) it is used in the X-ray therapy machine to block the X-ray and protect the normal cells from the radiation when the diseased cells are irradiated.
(2) protect non-inspection parts during fluoroscopy and photographic examination.In both cases, the size, shape, and mass of the X-ray field are controlled by a beam limiter.
Since X-ray is not visible light, it is not possible to directly determine the exposure range of the patient.So visible light is used instead of x-rays to determine the exposure field.
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