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Collimator’s Limitation of X-ray Range

The X ray collimator can define the X-radiation rule field. The part that produces a certain shape of the contour radiation field becomes the X-ray collimator system, and the part that produces the regular contour radiation is called the regular field collimation system, and the regular field refers to the square, rectangular or circular radiation field whose size is variable.
Colluminator for C-arm
X-ray rule field performance error requirements
Conventional radiation therapy requires a regular field of X-radiation at a distance from the X-radiation source to provide radiation therapy for a tumor of a certain size and shape within the patient.
The contour of the radiation field defines the range of radiation. If the specified range of the machine is inconsistent with the actual range of illumination, some of the target area will be missed, and it is serious that it can reach nearby vital organs.
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