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Type of x-ray collimator

At present, the types of x-ray collimator are developed in a variety of ways. They are divided into 125 KV spherical tube and 150 KV spherical tube. From the way of use, the x ray collimator can be divided into three types: manual x-ray collimator , electric x-ray collimator and automatic x-ray collimator .
Whether it is a manual, electric or automatic x-ray collimator, the principle of the x-ray collimator is the same, all through the control button, control the closure of the lead leaf in the x-ray collimator to change the X-ray field.
The instrument panel is on the x-ray collimator, and the x-ray collimator is called the manual x-ray collimator.
Functionally integrated into the console, the data is adjusted by the guard console, and an electric x-ray collimator that controls the size of the irradiation field is called an electric x-ray collimator.
The automatic x-ray collimator is equipped with a state detection device of lead blade. With the change of focal screen, the automatic x-ray collimator has the function of automatically adjusting the irradiation field size.
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