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Newheek manual x ray collimator NK102

With the development of the X ray machine, the x ray collimator has evolved from simple to complex in structure, with functions ranging from single to multi-purpose. Manual rectangular collimation is mostly used in radiography. The opening and closing activity of this type of collimation is achieved by manually adjusting the knob or pull rod on the collimator. The internal structure of the rectangular collimation is provided with an illumination field indicating system in addition to the foregoing.

Introduce Newheek manual rectangular collimation 102 today.

Ralco collimator limits x rays X ray collimator for X ray tubes up to 150KV
Application: it can be used on normal radiography x-ray machine
Technical Parameters
Max Irradation Field: 440mmx440mm (SID=100cm)
Light Field Average Luminance: >160lux
Lumination Ratio: >3:1
Lamp: 24V/100W
Lamp Single Lighting Time: 30S
X-Ray Tube Focus-Mounting Serface Distance: 60mm
(it can be adjusted according to requirement)
Shielding Leaves: 1 Layer
Fixed Filtration (75kV): 1mmAL
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