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American customers inquire about X-ray collimator

Some American customers saw our product X-ray collimator through our company’s English website, and were very interested. They came to consult the X-ray collimator and sent the customer product information and product pictures. The customer replied that after looking at the parameters in detail Will contact us.
The X-ray collimator consulted by the customer is mainly used for fixed X-ray machines, mainly matched with 150 KV X-ray tubes. The parameters are as follows,
The highest working voltage of supporting X-ray tube: 150KV 150KV
Maximum radiation field (SID=65cm): “35cm×35cm
Minimum radiation field (SID=100cm): “5cm×5cm
Power supply: 12~24V AC, DC 1A
Illumination (SID=100cm): 》100lx (at this distance, the contrast at the edge of the light field is ≥4) Light source time limit: 35s±5s (30s~60s adjustable)
Lighting source: LED: 10W×3V
Inherent filtration (70kv): 1.5mmAL



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